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Goodbye to the Mezzogiorno (poem)

by AUDEN (W.H.)

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Other books by AUDEN (W.H.)

1: A Certain World; a commonplace book
Faber: 1971
First Edition. Fine in d/w.
£ 20.00    Ref: 5138
AUDEN (W.H.) edits
2: A Choice of Dryden's Verse
First Edition in paperback. Faber, 1973. Wrappers. Very good indeed.
£ 7.50    Ref: 577002
3: Academic Graffiti; poems
Faber: 1971
First Edition. Illustrated by Filippo Sanjust. Very good indeed in d/w.
£ 12.50    Ref: 1796
4: Collected Poems
First Edition. Faber, 1976. Fine in d/w.
£ 60.00    Ref: 577949
AUDEN (W.H.) and MENDELSON (Edward)
5: Early Auden
First Edition. Faber, 1981. Very good indeed in d/w.
£ 20.00    Ref: 578203
6: Epistle to a Godson and other poems
Faber: 1972
First Edition. Name on fly leaf o/w very good indeed in d/w very slightly rubbed on corners.
£ 15.00    Ref: 1049
AUDEN (W.H.) and MENDELSON (Edward)
7: Later Auden
First Edition. Faber, 1999. Bookplate. Near fine in d/w.
£ 10.00    Ref: 571139
8: Plays
First Edition. Edited by Edward Mendelson. Princeton University Press, 1988. Fine in d/w.
£ 25.00    Ref: 572327
9: Secondary Worlds; T.S.Eliot Memorial Lectures
First Edition. Faber, 1968. Near fine in d/w.
£ 20.00    Ref: 575300
10: Selected Poetry
Chosen for this edition by the author. Modern Library, New York, 1958/9. Near fine in d/w.
£ 12.00    Ref: 569568
11: The Alienated City; reflections on 'Othello'
a 12pp article in Encounter No 95. August, 1961. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: C.Day Lewis, Thomas Blackburn, Vernon Scannell and others]
£ 5.00    Ref: 569272
AUDEN (W.H.) and ISHERWOOD (Christopher)
12: The Dog Beneath the Skin; a play in three acts
First Edition. Faber, 1935. Very good indeed in d/w discoloured on spine and with leaflet advertising the 'First Production of this Play by The Group Theatre in the early autumn of 1935' loosely inserted.
£ 65.00    Ref: 576980
13: The Faber Book of Aphorisms
First English Edition. Faber, 1964. Very good indeed in un price-clipped d/w.
£ 25.00    Ref: 577278
AUDEN (W.H.) and CARPENTER (Humphrey)
14: W.H.Auden; a Biography
First Edition. Illustrated. Allen & Unwin, 1981. Very good in d/w.
£ 15.00    Ref: 578210


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