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Goodbye to the Mezzogiorno (poem)

by AUDEN (W.H.)

Goodbye to the Mezzogiorno (poem)
in Encounter 62, November 1958. Wrappers, Fine [also R.Fuller,V.Scannell, P.Levi].
£ 3.50    Ref: 570174
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AUDEN (W.H.) edits
1: A Choice of Dryden's Verse
First Edition in paperback. Faber, 1973. Wrappers. Very good indeed.
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2: A Contemporary Epic
in Encounter 5, February 1954. Wrappers, Fine [also A.Huxley, E.Blunden, F.Cornford].
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3: A Grecian Eye
in Encounter 42, March 1957. Wrappers. Fine [also S.Spender, W.Plomer].
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4: Am I That I Am? Book Review
in Encounter 19, April 1955. Wrappers, Fine [also K.Tynan, W.Sansom, K.Amis, K.Raine].
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5: Circe
in London Magazine September 1969. Wrappers.Fine [Also:P.Blake, G.Ewart, J.Raban]
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6: Circe
in London Magazine Vol 9, No 6. Sept, 1969. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Peter Blake, Andrew Lanyon, Gavin Ewart and others]
£ 5.00    Ref: 572792
7: Dag Hammerskold
in Encounter 98 November 1961 Vol. XVII No.5. Wrappers. Fine.[also R.Lowell, G.Grigson, H.Fainlight]
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8: Hammerfest; a poem
in London Magazine Vol I, No.12. New Series. March, 1962. Wrappers. Fine. [Also: Francis King, Peter Redgrove]
£ 5.00    Ref: 569477
9: Hic et Ille
in Encounter 31, April 1956. Wrappers, Fine [also K.Amis, A.Wilson].
£ 4.00    Ref: 570160
10: Homage to Clio (poem)
in Encounter 26, November 1955. Wrappers. Fine [also I.Berlin, S.Spender, E.Wilson, W.Empson, N.Mitford, E.Jennings].
£ 3.50    Ref: 570159
11: Iceland Revisited; a poem
in Encounter No 130. July, 1964. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Robert Lowell,J.L.Borges and others]
£ 4.00    Ref: 569173
12: In Memoriam Emma Eiermann
in London Magazine August 1968. Wrappers. Fine [Also:D.Dunn, J.Symons]
£ 5.00    Ref: 570409
13: Insignificant Elephants; a poem
in Encounter No 156. September, 1966. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: A S Byatt, George Seferis, Thomas Kinsella, Robert Penn Warren, Charles Tomlinson, David Caute and others]
£ 4.00    Ref: 569174
14: Joseph Weinheber (1892 - 1945)
in London Magazine Vol 5, No 4. July, 1965. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: L.Durrell, Pablo Neruda and others]
£ 6.00    Ref: 572822
15: Lament for a Lawgiver; a poem
in Horizon 99. March, 1948. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Ben Nicolson, G.Grigson]
£ 5.00    Ref: 568999
AUDEN (W.H.) and MENDELSON (Edward)
16: Later Auden
First Edition. Faber, 1999. Bookplate. Near fine in d/w.
£ 10.00    Ref: 571139
17: Makers of History
in London Magazine Vol 2, No 9. September, 1955. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: James Hanley, J.Maclaren-Ross, Louis MacNeice, Jack Clemo, Michael Ayrton and others]
£ 7.50    Ref: 572820
18: Moralities
in London Magazine Vol 7, No 11. New Series. February, 1968. Wrappers. Very good.
£ 5.00    Ref: 570402
19: No Man's Time
First Edition. Foreword by Auden. Chatto & Windus, 1967. Fine in d/w.
£ 15.00    Ref: 570432
20: Objects; a poem
in Encounter No 40. January, 1957. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Colin Wilson, Mishima Yukio, James Baldwin, S.Spender]
£ 4.50    Ref: 569270
21: Plains, a poem
in London Magazine. Vol I, No.3. April 1954. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Paul Bowles, Roy Fuller, William Plomer, Louis MacNeice, Rex Warner, PH Newby and others]
£ 5.00    Ref: 573324
22: Plays
First Edition. Edited by Edward Mendelson. Princeton University Press, 1988. Fine in d/w.
£ 20.00    Ref: 572327
23: River Profile; (a poem)
in Poems.[Poetry Supplement] edited by Eric W. White. Christmas, 1966. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: George Barker, Jack Clemo, Harry Fainlight, Brian Patten, Vernon Watkins, Norman Nicholson and others]
£ 6.00    Ref: 571540
24: Secondary Worlds; T.S.Eliot Memorial Lectures
First Edition. Faber, 1968. Near fine in d/w.
£ 22.50    Ref: 575300
25: Select Poetry
Chosen for this edition by the author. Modern Library, New York, 1958/9. Near fine in d/w.
£ 10.00    Ref: 569568
26: Some notes on Andersen
in ADAM Nos 248-249, 1955. Wrappers.Fine[Also:J.Cocteau, H.C.Andersen]
£ 5.00    Ref: 570496
27: Streams
in Encounter 9, June 1954. Wrappers, Fine [also G.Barker, V.Watkins, K.Raine].
£ 4.50    Ref: 570183
28: Talking to Dogs
in London Magazine April/May 1971. Wrappers. Fine [Also: O.Paz, P.Neruda, W.Plomer, G.Ewart, P.Porter, T.Harrison]
£ 5.00    Ref: 570418
29: Talking to Dogs; a poem
in London Magazine Vol 11, No 1. April - May 1971. Wrappers, with Allen Jones design on upper panel. [Also: R.Prawer Jhabvala, Octavia Paz, William Plomer, Gavin Ewart, Peter Porter, Pablo Neruda, Tony Harrison and others]
£ 5.00    Ref: 574446
30: The Alienated City; reflections on 'Othello'
a 12pp article in Encounter No 95. August, 1961. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: C.Day Lewis, Thomas Blackburn, Vernon Scannell and others]
£ 5.00    Ref: 569272
31: The Common Life
in The London Magazine January 1964. Wrappers . Fine [also L.Durrell, J. Maclaren Ross]
£ 5.00    Ref: 570262
AUDEN (W.H.) and ISHERWOOD (Christopher)
32: The Dog Beneath the Skin; a play in three acts
First Edition. Faber, 1935. Very good indeed in d/w discoloured on spine and with leaflet advertising the 'First Production of this Play by The Group Theatre in the early autumn of 1935' loosely inserted.
£ 75.00    Ref: 576980
33: The Faber Book of Aphorisms
First English Edition. Faber, 1964. Very good indeed in un price-clipped d/w.
£ 35.00    Ref: 577278
34: The Fallen City
in Encounter 74, November 1959, Vol XIII No 5[C.Wilson, C.P.Snow, M.Hamburger]
£ 4.00    Ref: 569768
35: The Sacred Cold; prose
in The New Statesman No 1427. 19th July, 1958. Wrappers. Very good. [C.Causley, P.H.Johnson, Osbert Lancaster and others]
£ 7.50    Ref: 572846
36: The Word and the Machine
2pp article in Encounter No 7. April, 1954. Wrappers, a little marked o/w good. [Also: Dannie Abse, Leonard Woolf, Robertr Lowell, Elizabeth Jennings, Donald Davie and others]
£ 5.00    Ref: 569279
37: Translates 'Hunting a Hare' ; a poem
by Voznesensky in The Listener June 8th 1967. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: J.R.Ackerley, Peter Porter, W.Trevor, Hugo Williams]
£ 5.00    Ref: 573002
38: Translations of Voznesensky
in The Critical Quarterly Spring, 1967. Wrappers. Very good. [David Lodge, William Empson, C.Tomlinson, John Wain and others]
£ 5.00    Ref: 569355
39: W.H.Auden
Great poets of the 20th century series. Foreword by Dr Rowan Williams. Fab er / The Guardian, 2008. Wrappers. Fine.
£ 5.00    Ref: 576821
40: Whitsunday in Kirchstetten; a poem
in The Listener. Nov 7th, 1963. Wrappers.Very good except lacking first 5pp (including Contents page) but with all work by contributors listed here present: [Also:P.Porter, R.Gittings, C.Ricks, W.Plomer]
£ 5.00    Ref: 572834
41: Work and Labour
in Frontier, Autumn 1966.Wrappers. Very good.
£ 4.00    Ref: 570507


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