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Wedding Day; a poem

by HEANEY (Seamus)

HEANEY (Seamus)
Wedding Day; a poem
in Phoenix Nos 6 and 7. A double issue. Summer, 1970. Wrappers, a trifle marked o/w very good. [Also: Peter Porter, Norman Nicholson, Vernon Scannell, Paul Hyland, Norman MacCaig, Douglas Dunn, George Macbeth, D.M.Thomas, Tony Harrison, Glyn Hughes, Michael Longley, James Simmons, Derek Mahon, Peter Scupham and many others]
£ 15.00    Ref: 569360
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Other books by HEANEY (Seamus)

HEANEY (Seamus)
1: A Boy Driving His Father to Confession
LIMITED EDITION OF 100 COPIES (from an edition of 150 copies). Sceptre Press, 1970. White wrappers with title printed in black on upper cover. Brown band down spine edge with lower cover and some lighter browning to extreme edges of covers o/w very good. Rare.
£ 750.00    Ref: 577495
HEANEY (Seamus)
2: A Kite for Michael and Christopher
in Aquarius No 12. 1980. Wrappers. Very good indeed. [Also: P.Muldoon, M.Longley, D.Mahon, J.Simmons, and many other Irish writers. Also: G.Barker, Wendy Cope, Jeremy Reed, David Gascoyne and many others] A superb issue.
£ 7.50    Ref: 566879
HEANEY (Seamus)
3: Agenda Vol 27, No 1.
Special Heaney Fiftieth Birday Issue. Spring,1989. Wrappers. Very good indeed.[Many poems by Heaney, and articles by John Bayley, William Bedford and others]
£ 15.00    Ref: 577509
HEANEY (Seamus)
4: Articulations:poetry, philosophy and the shaping of culture
Citation for Seamus Heaney. LIMITED EDITION OF 450 COPIES SIGNED BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY. Illustrated, and with a poem (for Seamus Heaney) by Paul Muldoon. Royal Irish Academy, 2008. Tall 8vo. Wrappers. Fine. [There were also 50 copies signed by Heaney]
£ 30.00    Ref: 577060
HEANEY (Seamus)
5: At Ardboe Point; a poem and a book review
in Phoenix No 5. Summer, 1969. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Derek Mahon, Michael Longley, Robert Bly, William Stafford, Glyn Hughes, John Montague and others]
£ 20.00    Ref: 569362
HEANEY (Seamus)
6: Blackberry-Picking; Churning Day; two poems
in New Poems 1966. Critical Quarterly Supplement No 7. 1966. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Thom Gunn, R.S.Thomas (3 poems), Sylvia Plath, Gary Snyder (4 poems); Ted Hughes, E.Jennings, Robert Lowell,, Iain Crichton Smith and others]
£ 7.50    Ref: 569436
HEANEY (Seamus)
7: Bog Queen; a poem
in Antaeus No 17. Spring, 1975. Wrappers. Very good indeed. [Also: K.Amis, Charles Olson on 'Encounters with Ezra Pound', John Ashbery, Derek Walcott and others]
£ 12.00    Ref: 573147
HEANEY (Seamus)
8: Bone Dreams; a poem
in Phoenix 10. July, 1973. (Second appearance of this poem in print - formerly published in 'The Arts of Ireland', Dublin.) Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Louis Simpson, Anthony Thwaite, Douglas Dunn, Paul Muldoon, Anthony Edkins, James Simmons, John Mole, Peter Scupham and others]
£ 12.00    Ref: 569365
HEANEY (Seamus)
9: Competition Adjudication
in New Poetry No 36 edited by Norman Hidden. 1977. Wrappers. Very good indeed.
£ 6.00    Ref: 573145
HEANEY (Seamus)
10: Door Into The Dark
First Edition. Faber, 1969. Bookplate on front end paper. Very good indeed in d/w.
£ 375.00    Ref: 577422
HEANEY (Seamus)
11: Driving in the Small Hours; a poem
in Poetry Review Vol LIX, No 3. Autumn, 1968. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: R.S.Thomas, George Barker, E.Jennings, Jack Clemo, Thomas Blackburn and others]
£ 10.00    Ref: 569415
HEANEY (Seamus)
12: Four Poems
in Poetry Wales Vol 11, No.1.Summer, 1975. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Dannie Abse]
£ 10.00    Ref: 575925
HEANEY (Seamus)
13: Great Poets of the 20th century - Seamus Heaney
Foreword by John Banville.First Edition. The Guardian,2008. Wrappers. Fine.
£ 10.00    Ref: 574644
HEANEY (Seamus)
14: Great Poets of the 20th century: Seamus Heaney
Foreword by John Banville. The Guardian, 2008. Wrappers. Very good.
£ 8.50    Ref: 577059
HEANEY (Seamus)
15: Human Chain [poems]
First Edition. Faber, 2010. Fine in d/w.
£ 25.00    Ref: 577444
HEANEY (Seamus)
16: In an Airport Coach; a poem
in The Honest Ulsterman No 13. May, 1969. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: John McGahern, James Simmons, Paul Muldoon, Gavin Ewart and others]
£ 18.00    Ref: 569351
17: Irish Poetry After Yeats
First Edition. Wolfhound Press, Dublin, 1979. Exceptionally fine in d/w. [Others include: Austin Clarke, Richard Murphy, Patrick Kavanagh, Thomas Kinsella, Denis Devlin and John Montague]
£ 40.00    Ref: 573849
HEANEY (Seamus)
18: Kinship; a poem and Worksheet reproduction for Anahorish;a poem
in Phoenix 13. Spring, 1975. The final issue. Wrappers. Small mark on upper cover o/w very good. [Also: Gavin Ewart, Roy Fuller, Michael Longley, John Mole, Norman Nicholson, Peter Scupham, Tony Harrison, Edwin Morgan and others]
£ 20.00    Ref: 569359
HEANEY (Seamus)
19: Land; a poem
Poem-of-the-Month Club poster poem SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. 1971. Very good.
£ 125.00    Ref: 568775
HEANEY (Seamus)
20: New Selected Poems 1966-1987
Faber Members Collectors Edition, Faber, 2015. Maroon cloth backed designed paper covered boards. With embossed Faber stamped letter to the reader accompanying this special Collector's Edition from Henry Volans, Director, Faber Press, loosely inserted. Fine. [We are reliably informed by Faber representatives that under 200 copies of this first and, to date, only edition.
£ 75.00    Ref: 576600
HEANEY (Seamus)
21: New Selected Poems 1988 - 2013
First Paperback Edition. Faber, 2015.Wrappers. New.
£ 14.99    Ref: 576599
HEANEY (Seamus)
22: Opened Ground; Poems 1966 - 1996
First Edition in wrappers. Faber, 1998. Wrappers. Very good.
£ 12.50    Ref: 576118
HEANEY (Seamus)
23: Otter; a poem
: 1977
in Aquarius No 9. [Also: Ted Hughes, G.Barker, N.McCaig, Edwin Morgan and others].
£ 7.50    Ref: 564974
HEANEY (Seamus)
24: Patrick Kavanagh
in The New Review Vol I, No 10. January, 1975. Folio. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Derek Mahon, Hugo Williams, Roy Fuller, Nadine Gordimer, Peter Reading, S.Spender and others]
£ 20.00    Ref: 569379
HEANEY (Seamus)
25: Postscript to St Lucia; a poem
in Poetry Review Vol 91, No 1. Spring, 2001. Wrappers. Fine. [Also: Don Paterson, Elaine Feinstein, Peter Porter, Simon Armitage, Wendy Cope, Carol Ann Duffy, U A Fanthoorpe, Michael Longley, Paul Muldoon, Ruth Padel, Tom Paulin, Hugo Williams, Benjamin Zepaniah and others]
£ 10.00    Ref: 569372
HEANEY (Seamus)
26: Remembering Malibu; a poem
in The Fiction Magazine Vol I, No 3. Autumn, 1982. 'New Irish Writing' issue. Folio. Wrappers. Very good. [Also Paul Durcan, John Banville, William Boyd, Kazuo Ishiguro, Derek Mahon, Robert McCrum, Emma Tennant, V.S.Pritchett, Brian Aldiss, A.S.Byatt, Christopher Priest, Sean O'Faolain and others]
£ 15.00    Ref: 569381
HEANEY (Seamus) and MORRISON (Blake)
27: Seamus Heaney
Reprint. Contemporary Writers Series. Methuen, 1983. (First published in 1982). Wrappers. Very good.
£ 5.00    Ref: 572127
HEANEY (Seamus) and ALLEN (Michael)
28: Seamus Heaney [in New Casebooks].
Macmillan,: 1997
First Edition in wrappers. [Contains Heaney's Government of the Tongue in addition to many others' critiques of his work by, among others, Christopher Ricks, Terry Eagleton, Edna Longley]. Wrappers. Very good.
£ 10.00    Ref: 564646
HEANEY (Seamus)
29: Seeing Things
First Edition in paperback. Faber, 1991. Wrappers. Fine.
£ 15.00    Ref: 362
HEANEY (Seamus)
30: Selected Poems 1965 - 1975
PUBLISHER'S ADVANCE COPY. Faber, 1980. Plain white wrappers with no printing on at all. Very good indeed. RARE. [There were only 750 copies of the hardback printed, for which this, clearly, was a publisher's dummy]
£ 300.00    Ref: 571913
HEANEY (Seamus)
31: Shelf Life; a poem in three parts
in Outposts No 138. Autumn, 1983. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Ted Hughes, Kingsley Amis, John Betjeman, D.M.Thomas, Alan Sillitoe, Roy Fuller, John Wain, Dannie Abse and many others]
£ 15.00    Ref: 567778
HEANEY (Seamus)
32: Shoreline; a poem
in Phoenix No 4. Summer/Autumn, 1968. Wrappers, slightly browned on spine o/w very good. [Also: Robert Bly, Glyn Hughes, Michael Longley, James Simmons,Pablo Neruda, John Mole and others]
£ 20.00    Ref: 569361
HEANEY (Seamus)
33: Six Poems
in London Magazine Vol 41 Nos 1 & 2. New Series. April / May, 2001. Wrappers. Very good indeed. [Also: Vernon Scannell]
£ 7.50    Ref: 572235
HEANEY (Seamus)
34: Station Island; poems
First Edition in paperback (published at the same time as the hardback). Faber, 1984. Wrappers. Neat name and contemporary date on fly leaf o/w very good indeed.
£ 10.00    Ref: 574874
HEANEY (Seamus)
35: Stepping Stones
Interviews with Heaney conducted by Dennis O'Driscoll. Second Edition. Faber, 2008. Fine in d/w.
£ 15.00    Ref: 572031
HEANEY (Seamus) and FOSTER (John Wilson)
36: The Achievement of Seamus Heaney
First Edition. Lilliput Press, Dublin, 1995. Wrappers. Very good.
£ 12.00    Ref: 570348
HEANEY (Seamus)
37: The Badgers; a poem
in Outposts No 120. Spring, 1979. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Elizabeth Jennings, Gavin Ewart, Peter Scupham, Ruth Fainlight and others]
£ 7.50    Ref: 567305
HEANEY (Seamus)
38: The Glamoured; a poem
in Aquarius 23/24. 1998. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Michael Hamburger, Dannie Abse, Jeremy Reed, Ruth Fainlight and others]
£ 12.00    Ref: 574281
HEANEY (Seamus)
39: The Haw Lantern
First Edition in paperback. Faber, 1987. Wrappers. Very good.
£ 10.50    Ref: 576161
HEANEY (Seamus)
40: The Haw Lantern
First Edition in paperback. Faber,1987. Wrappers. Very good indeed.
£ 20.00    Ref: 577400
HEANEY (Seamus)
41: The Plantation; a poem
in Phoenix No 3. Spring, 1968. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: James Simmons, Peter Porter, Tony Harrison, Glyn Hughes, Michael Longley and others]
£ 25.00    Ref: 569363
42: The Poet's Work; 29 Masters of 20th Century Poetry on the Origins and Practice of their Art
Edited by Reginald Gibbons. UNCORRECTED PROOF COPY. Houghton Mifflin, Bosoton, 1979. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Boris Pasternak, O.Mandelstam, F.G.Lorca, Wallace Stevens, G.Seferis, Karl Shapiro, Wendell Berry, Hugh MacDiarmid, M.Moore, P.Valery, Hart Crane, Dylan Thomas, W.C.Williams, W.H.Auden,. Robert Duncan, Gary Snyder, Denise Levertov and others]
£ 35.00    Ref: 574373
HEANEY (Seamus)
43: The Spirit Level
First Edition in paperback. Faber, 1996. Wrappers. Neat name and contemporary date on fly leaf o/w very good indeed.
£ 10.00    Ref: 574876
HEANEY (Seamus) edits
44: Threshold No 22
Summer, 1969. Wrappers. Very good. Extremely scarce. [Contributors include: The Editor on the poetry of John Hewitt, Glyn Hughes, Thomas Kinsella, Mary Lavin, Michael Longley, Derek Mahon, John Montague, Paul Muldoon, James Simmons and others]
£ 25.00    Ref: 569367
HEANEY (Seamus)
45: Two (Sweeney) Poems
in Aquarius Nos 15/16. 1983/4. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Peter Porter, Les Murray, Derek Mahon, Carol Ann Duffy, John Heath-Stubbs, Jeremy Reed, Peter Dale, Mick Imlah, Wendy Cope, Adrian Henri and many others]
£ 10.00    Ref: 574283
HEANEY (Seamus)
46: Two Poems: Rookery [and] Orange Drums, Tyrone
in The Listener September 29th, 1966. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: W.Trevor, D.Davie, P.Potts, P.Hansford-Johnson, H.Read]
£ 20.00    Ref: 573136
HEANEY (Seamus)
47: Would They Had Stay'd; a poem
in Poetry Review Vol 87,No 4. Winter, 1997/98. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Carol Ann Duffy, Paul Muldoon, Michael Longley, Ian McMillan, Wendy Cope, Alice Oswald, Don Paterson, Ian Hamilton interviewed, Edna Longley on Edward Thomas]
£ 12.00    Ref: 569369


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