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Thrushes (poem)

by HUGHES (Ted)

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Other books by HUGHES (Ted)

1: A Battle; a poem
in Outposts No 74. Autumn, 1967. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Edwun Brock, Alex Comfort, William Plomer and others]
£ 12.00    Ref: 569368
2: A Crow Hymn; a poem.
LIMITED EDITION OF 100 NUMBERED COPIES, this copy unnumbered. Sceptre Press, 1970. Wrappers. Spine a little tanned o/w very good.
£ 75.00    Ref: 565142
3: A Motorbike; a poem
in The Listener 30th November, 1967. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Doris Lessing, Alan Bennett, G.Grigson, W.Empson, Christopher Ricks, A.Burgess]
£ 7.50    Ref: 573042
4: A Solstice; a poem.
LIMITED EDITION OF 250 COPIES (from an edition of 350). Sceptre Press, 1978. Bookplate. Wrappers. Very good indeed.
£ 15.00    Ref: 565140
5: An Interview with Egbert Faas
in London Magazine January 1971. Wrappers. Fine [Also: L.Durrell, B.Patten, T.Harrison, G.Ewart, B.Nicholson]
£ 7.50    Ref: 570415
6: Crow
First Edition. Faber, 1970. Small nick to foredge of title o/w very good in slightly grubby d/w with one small closed tear to one corner.
£ 55.00    Ref: 574243
7: Crow
First Edition. Faber, 1970. Near fine in price clipped d/w.
£ 110.00    Ref: 575913
8: Essay on Hughes by Neil Roberts
in Delta No.57. Wrappers.Fine[Also:P.Redgrove]
£ 3.50    Ref: 570640
9: Five Autumn Songs for Children's Voices
ONE OF 311 NUMBERED COPIES. Gilbertson, 1968. Bright pink wrappers. Very good indeed.
£ 22.00    Ref: 570571
10: Five Poems
in London Magazine Vol 10, No 4. New Series. July/August, 1970. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: John Betjeman, Donald Davie, Victor Pasmore, Thom Gunn, George Barker, Patrick Procktor, Peter Porter, Roy Fuller, Jonathan Raban and others]
£ 10.00    Ref: 573501
11: Five poems from a Prometheus sequence
in Antaeus 12. Winter, 1973. Wrappers, with library stamp on upper cover o/w very good. [Also: S.Heaney, Paul Muldoon, P.Porter, Thom Gunn, Roy Fuller, John Fuller, Douglas Dunn, Dannie Abse, Michael Hamburger, Philip Larkin, Michael Longley, Derek Mahon, Edwin Morgan, John Montague, Peter Redgrove, Stephen Spender, Peter Supham, Hugo Williams, Anthony Thwaite, Charles Tomlinson, Jon Stallworthy and many others - quite an issue !]
£ 12.50    Ref: 573152
12: Football
Illustrated by Christopher Battye. LIMITED EDITION OF 60 COPIES WITH THE LOOSE ADDITIONAL, BOTH PRINT SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR AND ARTIST. Prospero Poets, 1995. Fine in illustrated wrappers. The loose print mounted and framed.
£ 300.00    Ref: 574489
13: Gaudete
First Edition. Faber, 1977. Near fine in un price-clipped d/w.
£ 20.00    Ref: 570093
14: Grace [and] Waste; (two poems)
in Winter Poetry Supplement compiled by David Harsent. December, 1983. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Paul Muldoon, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Craig Raine, Peter Scupham, Douglas Dunn, Gavin Ewart and many others]
£ 7.50    Ref: 571542
15: Introduction; stories by New Writers
First Edition. Faber, 1960. Very good indeed in d/w with one small abrasion to upper panel. [Contains the stories 'The Rain Horse', 'Sunday' and 'Snow' by Hughes. Also contributing: Alan Coren, Julian Mitchell, Jim Hunter and others]
£ 40.00    Ref: 574587
16: Letters of Ted Hughes
First Edition. Illustrated with photos. Faber, 2007. Fine in d/w.
£ 12.50    Ref: 576085
17: Lines about Elias; a poem for Thom Gunn
in PN Review Vol 16, No 2. 1989. 'Thom Gunn at Sixty' issue. Folio. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: John Ashbery, Donald Hall, Michael Schmidt, Donald Davie, Vikram Seth, Timothy Steele and others]
£ 5.00    Ref: 569382
18: New Selected Poems 1957-1994
First Edition in paperback. Faber, 1995. Bookplate. Wrappers, slightly discoloured along top edge of upper wrapper o/w very good.
£ 12.00    Ref: 570611
19: Nightfall; a poem
in The Listener July 21st, 1966. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: John Fuller].
£ 7.50    Ref: 573040
20: Nightfall; a poem
in The Listener July 21st, 1966. Wrappers. Very good.
£ 7.50    Ref: 573101
21: O White Elite Lotus; a poem
in Critical Quarterly Vol 6, No.4. Winter, 1964. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: William Empson, Richard Wilbur, Donald Davie]
£ 5.00    Ref: 569045
22: Oedipus by Seneca
Adapted by Hughes. Pre-publication film script differing slightly from the published version. Roneo script. Wrappers with window on upper panel. Very good. SCARCE.
£ 150.00    Ref: 566836
23: Patrick White's 'Voss'
in The Listener February 6th, 1964. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: J.Brooke, A.Burgess]
£ 7.50    Ref: 573194
HUGHES (Ted) edits
24: Poetry in the Making
Reprint. INSCRIBED BY THE EDITOR 'For Pauline from Ted Hughes' on half title. Faber, 1986. Wrappers. Very good.
£ 25.00    Ref: 570589
25: Prometheus on his Crag; a poem
in The Oxford Poetry Magazine No 2. Summer, 1973. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Roy Fuller, Elizabeth JenningsAndrew Harvey, Andrew Motion, John Wain and others]
£ 7.50    Ref: 573150
26: Season Songs
First Revised Edition in paperback. Faber, 1985. Wrappers. Fine.
£ 10.00    Ref: 574864
27: Shells
in The London Magazine March 1961.Wrappers.Fine [also L.MacNiece, C.Causley, T.Gunn, J.Brooke, R.Fuller,E.Upward]
£ 7.00    Ref: 570376
28: Spring Summer Autumn Winter
LIMITED EDITION OF 140 COPIES SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR.Designed and printed by Sebastian Carter at Rampant Lions Press for Rainbow Press, 1973. 4to. Full cream calf lettered in gilt on upper cover. Very good in the original cork slipcase
£ 225.00    Ref: 575735
29: Ted and I; a Brother's Memoir
by Gerald Hughes. Foreword by Frieda Hughes. First Edition. Illustrated Robson Press, 2012. Very good indeed in d/w.
£ 12.50    Ref: 575465
HUGHES (Ted) and WEST (Thomas)
30: Ted Hughes
First Edition. Contemporary Writers Series. Methuen, 1985. Wrappers. Very good indeed.
£ 12.50    Ref: 572128
31: Ted Hughes by Sydney Bolt
in Delta, Number 42, February 1968.Wrappers. Very Good.
£ 3.50    Ref: 570641
32: The Burning of the Brothel.
Turret Books,: 1966
LIMITED EDITION OF 300 COPIES, this copy unnumbered. 4to. Wrappers. Very good indeed.
£ 45.00    Ref: 564520
33: The Cat and the Cuckoo
First Edition. Illustrated in colour by R.J.Lloyd. 1987. Fine in d/w.
£ 15.00    Ref: 569612
34: The Iron Woman
First Edition. Illustrated by Andrew Davidson. Faber, 1993. Very good in d/w a little rubbed and creased at head and foot of spine.
£ 15.00    Ref: 569261
35: The Rain Horse
in London Magazine Vol 7, No 2. February, 1960. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Robert Graves, David Caute, John Wain, Elizabeth Jennings, Alex Comfort and others]
£ 7.50    Ref: 568586
36: The Road to Easington; a poem
in The Listener August 23rd, 1962. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: V.Scannell, Anthony Thwaite]
£ 8.50    Ref: 572980
37: The Rock
a 1 1/2pp article in The Listener September 19th, 1963. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: W.Plomer, S.O'Faolain, A.Burgess and others]
£ 12.00    Ref: 572858
HUGHES (Ted) and STEADMAN (Ralph)
38: The Threshold
Oblong folio.Illustrated in colour throughout by Steadman. LIMITED EDITION OF 100 COPIES SIGNED BY HUGHES AND STEADMAN, this being one of 50 copies with the publisher's blind stamp on the colophon page.[These copies were retained by Steadman]. Additionally signed by Bernard Stone, proprietor of Turret Bookshop and co-proprietor with Steadman of Steam Press. Black buckram. Fine.
£ 375.00    Ref: 572399
39: Three Poems
in Poetry Supplement compiled by Colin Falck. Christmas 1977.Wrappers. Fine [Also: A.Motion, W.S.Graham, Thom Gunn, Roy Fuller and others]
£ 7.50    Ref: 566880
40: Three Poems
in London Magazine Vol 6, No 4. April 1959. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Henry Green: an Unfinished Novel, Louis MacNeice, Roy Fuller, Norman MacCaig, John Wain, Thomas Blackburn, Colin Wilson, Geoffrey Grigson, Anthony Thwaite and many others]
£ 7.50    Ref: 573440
41: Tiger psalm; a poem
in The Listener 16th November, 1978. Wrappers. Very good.
£ 7.50    Ref: 573197
42: TV On; a poem
in The Listener 28th September, 1967. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: Margaret Drabble, Roy Fuller, G.Grigson, A.Burgess, N.MacCaig, Christopher Ricks]
£ 7.50    Ref: 573020
43: Two Poems
in London Magazine Vol 5, No 8. August, 1958. Wrappers, with wrap around band. [Also: Roy Fuller and Edwin Muir]
£ 6.00    Ref: 572608
44: Two Poems
in Poetry Supplement compiled by Douglas Dunn for The Poetry Society, Christmas, 1979. Wrappers. Fine. [Also: George Mackay Brown, Christopher Logue, Michael Longley, Paul Muldoon, Tom Paulin, Anthony Thwaite and others]
£ 7.50    Ref: 573149
45: Two Poems
in The Critical Quarterly Vol 2, No.4. Winter, 1960. Wrappers. Very good. [Also: R.S.Thomas, Philip Larkin, Charles Tomlinson]
£ 7.50    Ref: 575922
46: Weasels at Work; [a poem]
First Edition. LIMITED EDITION OF 75 COPIES SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. Morrigu Press,1983. Brown paper wrappers. Paper title label printed in red on upper cover. Fine.
£ 325.00    Ref: 572221
47: What Is The Truth ?
First Edition. Drawings by R.J.Lloyd. Faber, 1984. Oblong 4to. Very good in d/w slightly marked on lower panel.
£ 20.00    Ref: 575245
48: Words Broadsheets 1 - 30 (Complete)
comprising 30 issues with poems by Hughes and many others, each issue LIMITED TO 100 COPIES, this being [ONE OF 25 COPIES SIGNED BY THE CONTRIBUTORS, these copies being NUMBER ONE]. Words Press, Surrey, 1974-1976. Wrappers. Very good indeed. [Other contributors include: Brian Patten, James Kirkup, John Pudney,Penelope Shuttle, Martin Booth,Eric W. White, Julian Nangle, Charles Causley,Leonard Clark, Anthony Rudolf, Peter Redgrove, Harry Guest, Denton Welch (unsigned (!) but signed by the editor of 6 broadsheets devoted to Welch, Jean Louis Chevalier)Michael Hamburger, Alan Sillitoe, Ruth Fainlight, Thom Gunn, D.M.Thomas, Jeremy Reed, Edwin Morgan, Peter Redgrove and others]
£ 475.00    Ref: 573169
49: Words Broadsheets Nos 1 - 30 (Complete)
comprising 30 issues with poems by Hughes and many others, each issue LIMITED TO 100 COPIES these copies being NUMBER 100]. Words Press, Surrey, 1974-1976. Wrappers. Very good indeed. [Other contributors include: Brian Patten, James Kirkup, John Pudney,Penelope Shuttle, Martin Booth,Eric W. White, Julian Nangle, Charles Causley,Leonard Clark, Anthony Rudolf, Peter Redgrove, Harry Guest, Denton Welch (6 broadsheets devoted to him with his previously unpublished illustrations), Michael Hamburger, Alan Sillitoe, Ruth Fainlight, Thom Gunn, D.M.Thomas, Jeremy Reed, Edwin Morgan, Peter Redgrove and others]
£ 250.00    Ref: 573170
50: X; a poem
in Poetry Supplement for the Poetry Book Society. Christmas, 1975. Edited by Dannie Abse. Wrappers. Fine. [Also: Iain Crichton Smith, Lleslie Norris, Thomas Blackburn and many others]
£ 7.50    Ref: 569240


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